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I was VERY impressed on how organized this was and I was blown away on the amount of followers I gained! I’ve paid for exposure before only to be disappointed. This was well worth it and very well done – thank you!!
Angeline Kay, Angeline Kay Designs
This was my first loop giveaway, and I’m so glad this was my first experience! I love how organized and detailed it was. Especially how you gave example posts for each day’s post during the giveaway, tips for hashtags and apps to use, and how you send reminders and time warnings. it wa a great, great experience!
Alyssa Wine, Clever Nest
I just wanted to thank you 1- for including startups and 2- for the introduction to so many great startups because we are all in those starting stages where it is easy to connect with each other, or are willing to, if that makes sense?! I don’t know how you juggle it all, but keep being totally amazing!! Thank you for all you do!
Michelle Regan, Is A Princess