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Want to get your shop in front of over 38k loyal shoppers and handmade enthusiasts?

Request to be featured on @TheHiveHandmade

We love the maker community and we would love to share your handmade products and help to promote your small business!  We have a large number of affordable feature options and requesting to be featured is easy and takes just a few short minutes.

Did you know...

All of our paid features are permanently posted on our feeds. Why is that important? Even after the initial buzz about your shop is generated from your feature on The Hive, many shops will notice that they continue to get business from their feature in the following weeks, and even months, as new Hive followers will go through our older posts to find gorgeous new goodies (just like yours!) that they just have to have!!

About our features…

All of our followers are makers and handmade enthusiasts who were gained completely organically, resulting in high interaction rates and incredible follower loyalty! Our followers know that we are very selective about the feature requests that we approve which ensures the shops we feature are of a high quality and a great fit for our community.

In order to give each of our featured makers as much exposure as possible, we only schedule 2-4 feature slots per day and we carefully review each feature request to ensure the products we choose to feature are of the highest quality and are a great fit for our community!

The approval process can take between 1-5 business days while we review your shop, product quality, photo composition and clarity, potential competition between recently featured shops, and other key feature elements.  If, for some reason, your request is not approved, you will be notified via email and your entire fee refunded, and we encourage you to request to be featured again in the future!

Feature Options

Instagram Flash Feature

Feature an item from your shop on Instagram!

$10 US

Your flash feature will be permanently posted on Instagram, usually within 48 hours of invoice payment. (Based on availability.)

Social Media Feature

Be featured on all of our social media accounts!

$15 US

Be featured on @TheHiveHandmade on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and have an item from your shop pinned to one of our boards on Pinterest!

Social Media Feature Specials

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

Save up to $15US!

Be featured once each month for three consecutive months by selecting this option when scheduling your feature!

Instagram Giveaway

Gain loyal followers while we do all the work!

$20 US

We’ll happily host your Instagram giveaway from start to finish! We’ll work with you to select an item to give away and to work out giveaway details. Then, the graphics, wording, posting, reminding, and winner selection are all done for you, hassle free!


Give our followers the inside scoop and let them know more about you, the maker behind the shop!

$30 US

Maker Spotlights are linked on The Hive’s homepage and a new spotlight is featured each week! Spotlights are permanent and include links back to your shop or website and social media accounts.


Have the very best your shop has to offer front and center on our home page!

$35 US

Shop showcases are featured on our homepage for two consecutive weeks, they include five product images plus your logo, and are linked directly to your shop or website!

Instagram Loop Giveaway

Gain exposure and targeted new followers with an easy loop giveaway hosted by The Hive!

Monthly, Themed Instagram Loop Giveaways

The Hive’s giveaways are easy and designed for new loopers and seasoned loopers alike!  The Hive does all the hard work while you enjoy the rewards – what could be better!?!  EACH LOOP HAS A THEME!  Please click here to see a list of dates and themes as well as other important loop information!

Request to be featured on @TheHiveHandmade

Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your request!

Why Choose Us

      • Our features are permanently posted, bringing traffic to your shop long after your feature originally posts!
      • All of our social media features are also showcased, front and center, on our homepage!
      • Our community of handmade enthusiasts is growing rapidly, constantly increasing the reach of your feature to a wider and wider audience.
      • The Hive has worked hard to organically attract a large audience of some of the most positive and interactive handmade enthusiasts you can find! No purchasing followers here!!
      • Our followers trust us! They know that we carefully select each and every shop we feature based on the shop’s professionalism, high quality products and phenomenal customer service!

What Client’s Say

You did a fabulous job with the Mommy and Me Loop giveaway! You selected great shops and your instructions were very detailed, clear, and easy to follow. As a result everyone was able to participate and do what they had to do on time and correctly. It was such a pleasure to work with you and all of the other shops on this loop! Thanks so much for including me!
Pam Fargo, Raggedy Pam
So grateful to be featured over at the new @thehivehandmade! Thank You! I LOVE the way this community encourages each other and am so blessed by the new people I meet…the friends I make. Go over and check them out, The Hive is friendly!
I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me to be a part of this loop and for putting it all together. I have done a few giveaways in the past and this one was by far the most organized and detailed. It was a huge success! Thank you!
Ashley Schaffer, Bows for Show
The Hive’s Feature Terms and Conditions